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What has Mayor Joe Done?

  • Has never offered a balanced budget in the 7 years he's been in office. Instead he is spending the safety cushion created by the previous administration.

  • Has proposed tax increases in every budget since he's been in office.

  • Has incurred a $13 million debt for the new community center who's primary focus is for weddings that don't even charge market rates. Mukilteo taxpayers spend over $1,000,000 per year to subsidize the community center.

  • Has increased his own salary by 137% without any performance measures or accountability to Muklteo taxpayers or the council.

  • Has supported Red Light Cameras in Mukilteo (Mukilteo voters opposed)

  • Has supported Annexation (Mukilteo voters opposed)

  • Has subjected the city to an unnecessary lawsuit by getting a former Mukilteo councilmember appointed to the annexation boundary review board who then voted to support Mukilteo's annexation bid creating a perceived conflict of interest.

  • Inaction resulted in losing  a $1 million federal grant that could have built a pedestrian overpass to Mukilteo's waterfront.

  • Opposed interim public access to Mukilteo's waterfront being worked on by Senator Patty Murray's office.

  • Opposed a pedestrian underpass to Lighthouse Park providing safe access without having to go through the ferry dock intersection.

  • Has supported a road down Japanese Gulch and moving the Ferry even though ferry traffic/ridership hasn't increased in the past 15 years.

  • Has failed to address parking, traffic flow and safety issues at Lighthouse Park keeping Mukilteo residents away.

  • Has expanded the ferry holding area and decreased public safety at the ferry dock intersection without adequate safety mitigation for Mukilteo residents.

  • Supported building a new community center without a Gym, Tennis Courts, or ball field that existed at the Old Rosehill.

  • Obstructed plans for a Park and Ride in Mukilteo.

  • Poor management resulting in the complete failure and loss of the city's IT data storage system with no backup. (Eventually recovered most several months and several thousands of dollars later).

  • Refusal to provide a dedicated room for Seniors and community meetings in the community center, even though adequate room availability was demonstrated.

  • Refusal to provide extended hours for the community at the community center.

  • Obstructed community groups resulting in the loss of volunteers and Waterfront Wednesdays.

  • Poor support of the Dog Park during the initial planning stages. After volunteers made a second attempt and other government agencies stepped in to help, Mayor Joe was there to claim credit.

  • Has repeatedly exhibited maliciousness towards individuals and community groups that he doesn't control.

  • Has appointed Mukilteo officials WITHOUT appropriate due diligence. Most recently he appointed a public works director before realizing his involvement in a sexual harassment lawsuit with one employer and being fired with another.

  • Has neglected a public safety trip hazard after changes were made to the sidewalk/curbs at the ferry dock intersection. A Mukilteo councilmember ended up working with WSDOT and WSF to fix the safety issues.‚Äč

  • More to come....

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